Loretto at the UN’s 2015 Forecast

2015 Events

2015 is going to be a busy and exciting year for us here at the UN.  Here are some highlights of our 2015 calendar:

2015 is the 70th anniversary of the UN.  The global celebration of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, aims to “honor the historic breadth of the Organization’s development, security and human rights work, and ultimately, unite the international community in common cause to enable a strong UN to realize a better world.”  The ongoing commemoration will culminate on the 70th anniversary of the entry into force of the UN Charter – 24 October 2015.

2015 is the target year for the Millennium Development Goals.  The UN is working with governments, civil society and other partners to achieve as many MDG targets as possible by the end of the year, and use the momentum generated by the MDGs to carry on with an ambitious post-2015 development agenda.

With the MDGs concluding at the end of 2015, world leaders have called for an ambitious, long-term agenda to improve people’s lives and protect the planet for future generations. This post-2015 development agenda is expected to tackle many issues, including ending poverty and hunger, improving health and education, making cities more sustainable, combating climate change, and protecting oceans and forests.

The Intergovernmental negotiation process on the Post-2015 development agenda has officially begun, and will continue until September.

The Intergovernmental process will feature monthly meetings that will discuss the declaration, the Sustainable Development Goals and targets, means of implementation and more.  In addition, the President of the General Assembly will host monthly High-Level Thematic Debates on a variety of topics, including advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment, promoting tolerance and reconciliation and climate change, among others.   The High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development will meet from June 26 through July 8 to discuss the theme “Strengthening integration, implementation and review – the HLPF after 2015.” Loretto at the UN and our civil society partners are working hard to engage in this global conversation.

World leaders are expected to adopt the agenda at the Special Summit on Sustainable Development in New York, September 25-27.  Even Pope Francis might make an appearance!

The 53rd session of the Commission for Social Development will take place from February 4-13 at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

In March, Loretto at the UN will bring community members and students from schools across the United States to the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women.  The CSW this year will take on the review of the Beijing Platform and Declaration of Action, 20 years after it was created (Beijing+20), as well as promoting opportunities for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women in the post-2015 development agenda.   The week will start off with Teen Delegate Orientation, put on by the Working Group on Girls, and UN Women’s  International Women’s Day March on March 8th.

We are also looking forward to hosting members of the Loretto Peace Committee as they attend the 2015 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), which runs from April 27 to May 22.  The NPT Review Conference happens every five years, and will consider key issues around nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation, safety and security.

Third International Conference on Financing for Development will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from July 13-16.  The Conference will focus on progress made in the implementation of the Monterrey Consensus and the Doha Declaration.  In preparation, there will be periodic drafting sessions of the outcome document for the Conference, which should constitute an important contribution to and support the implementation of the post-2015 development agenda.

The annual Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will be held this year in Paris, France.  COP21, also known as the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, aims to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C.  The conference will run from November 30 to December 11.


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