A Brief History of the Loretto Learning Curriculum (LLC)

An article from the Loretto e-newsletter by Paul and Sara, co-creators of Core Atlas.

January 4th, 2018 was a serendipitous day of connection on the internet. Via the twitter-verse, NGO UN Representative for the Loretto Community Dr. Beth Blissman discovered the work of Dr. Paul Bulakowski, Cognitive Scientist and fellow university educator. The initial connection was brief, “would very much like to learn more about your SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) education tools and to collaborate – thanks for being in touch!”

The CoreAtlas educational platform was developed for learning in the new digital age. Designed by the voices of educators from elementary to university levels, along with software engineers and artists from around the world, this engaging learning tool provides easy access to learning quests, like “Learn about the Commission on the Status of Women. Why was the commission created? What are the themes of CSW 63?” With easy to find resources, and private connections to Loretto Guides, anyone who desires to advance the pace of their learning can rest assured they are getting the latest, research-backed, and fun learning methods available online.

Creating a curriculum from scratch is no small task, especially when preparing our youth leaders for an event as important as the Commission on the Status of Women. Over the course of the past year (and 30 tweets) later, we’ve appreciated the help of 5 or more Loretto Interns, the educational leadership team, and through over 100 emails, a handful of in-person meetings in the boroughs of NYC, and 1000’s of cloud files collaboratively shared, we are delighted to make our learnings available to you all! We look forward to iterating and expanding our materials into the future.

We launched the LLC curriculum with our Loretto schools in the months leading the CSW event so that our young Loretto Representatives are most fully prepared for their arrival in New York City as they begin their hopeful lifelong works toward justice and peace for All.

Learn more about this program by visiting  www.coreatlas.io or view a fun introductory video by CoreAtlas co-creators Sara and Paul here  https://youtu.be/67fz_j1Axys