A Loving Farewell to Sally Dunne


On December 8th, 2016, we surrounded Sally Dunne with words of love and farewell as we honored her time serving as the main NGO Representative for the Loretto Community at the United Nations. The room was packed with barely any room to stand or sit, a true testament to the love and respect that the United Nations community has for Sally and the legacy she leaves behind for Loretto at the United Nations. Someone lovingly expressed about Sally; “When you know the Sisters of Loretto, you know Sally Dunne. And by knowing Sally, you know the Sisters of Loretto.” Sally has done a stunning job at taking the Loretto passion and charism into every project, meeting, and corner of her United Nations work. Though the event was a farewell in intention, it naturally progressed to a constant expression of gratitude and admiration. Sally leaves her quaint, windowless office on the sixth floor of the Church Center of the United Nations at the end of the year. Yet, there is no denying that her fierce pursuit of justice and fiery spirit will linger around the office for years to come. Sally has impacted so many in her work; she asks the questions everyone is afraid to ask, she pursues her work fearlessly, led by both her emotions and the need to act. Sally is truly indescribable. But if you have ever been graced by Sally’s wisdom and humor, you understand.

We salute Sally’s full bodied dedication to the pursuit of a better tomorrow for all. We know that she will continue to impact lives and make the world a little bit better and brighter for all who she crosses paths with.

Words from Sally herself:
At the top of my list of the many blessings I received in being selected for this position are the many young women I was privileged to mentor and become friends with. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to represent Loretto and our values on the global stage. I came to know how truly sacred this work is, and I have felt the gratitude and support for my work from almost all of Loretto.

Many thanks to Robert Strobridge, Co-Member, for creating the beautiful Loretto banner for Sally.