Advisory Committee Spotlight: Roberta White, BVM

Roberta White, BVM, has been a valuable member of the Loretto at the UN Advisory Board for the past two years! Read below to learn a little more about Roberta.

How are you involved in the Loretto Community?

I’m a BVM liaison with the Loretto Community at the UN. We want to encourage BVMs, Associates, and students from our schools to attend the CSWUN conferences and help support the Loretto UN work.

Tell us a little about your background and interests! 
I’ve been teaching elementary school, been a principal, a religious education director, taught in drop our high school programs and ended my career with 19 yrs. of adult education in East Los Angeles with the Hispanic Community.
What causes/work at the UN are you most passionate about or interested in? 
I’m very interested in educational opportunities for Women and Girls especially in poor and rural areas of the world. I’m also interested in anti-trafficking work, and work on dealing with climate change and respect for the environment.
We are so grateful for all of Roberta’s hard work and for her dedication to educating global citizens!