Loretto’s mission to work for justice and act for peace drives our commitment to global advocacy for systemic change. We challenge ourselves to renew this commitment every year, and we seek like-minded partners to share in the benefits of a presence on the global stage.

Benefits of partnering with Loretto at the UN:

1. Your members may apply for grounds passes to attend UN meetings, international conferences, etc.

2. You will receive Loretto’s UN E-Newsletter, reports, updates, briefings, etc. on UN events and issues of concern.

3. Your students may apply to attend UN conferences.

4. Your congregation or educational organization may sign-on to statements, letters, petitions, etc., addressing global issues.

5. Your members / students may apply for short-term or long-term internships with our office.

6. You have the opportunity to be in conversation with Loretto at the UN staff about curriculum resources, potential speakers, and other benefits of our international network.

Interested in becoming a partner with Loretto at the UN? Email Beth Blissman at bblissman@lorettocommunity.org!