Loretto at the UN Visits El Paso and Denver Communities

On February 11th, in El Paso, TX, Sally and Cecilie made presentations to Loretto Academy students and Loretto community members and friends at the Columban Mission Center

In February, the Loretto at the UN team traveled to the Loretto communities in El Paso and Denver.  In El Paso, they visited Loretto Academy, and made six presentations to nearly the entire student body, describing the significance and importance of the work Loretto does at the United Nations, highlighting Loretto’s work relating to the human rights of girls around the world, and engaging students in a discussion about what social justice issues they feel passionate about, and how the UN works on those issues.  At night, former NGO representative Mary Peter Bruce, SL arranged a presentation at the Columban Mission Center, hosted by the Missionary Society of St. Columban.  Loretto sisters and co-members came to discuss the role of faith-based organizations at the United Nations, and how the work that members are doing on the ground locally is important to the NGO’s global advocacy efforts.

Lisi Krall, Kim Klein & Mary Hunt speak on the morning panel at the LWN/LEN Winter Meeting at the Loretto Center in Denver, CO on February 14th, 2015

After visiting El Paso the next stop was Denver, where Loretto community members gathered to attend the LWN/LEN Winter Meeting, “Sacred Economics: Where Our Heart is, There is Our Treasure”.  In her keynote address, professor of economics Lisi Krall spoke about economic theory and ideologies, and the true essence of economic realities.  She discussed the “agricultural revolution” and its effects on our social evolution, particularly our relationship to earth, focus on surplus and creation of structures that are interdependent, imperialistic and hierarchical. Mary Hunt tapped into feminist theology to discuss how economics relates to the social dynamics between human beings and the relationship between humans and the earth, and Kim Klein brought her expertise on fundraising to speak about generosity, giving as participation, income inequality and the value of community.  The talks by Lisi, Mary and Kim, as well as their joint panel discussion are available to watch on YouTube.


Many thanks to the teachers and students at Loretto Academy and the Loretto communities in El Paso and Denver for a wonderful trip!