Loretto at the UN has joined the Working Group on Food and Hunger!



I think it’s fair to say that the Loretto Community carries a strong passion for food justice, migrant rights, the envirnoment, gender equity, and more. Amazingly, our advocacy work here at the United Nations covers all of those areas. Luckily for me, I work under an incredible leader (do I even need to say her name?….Sally Dunne!), who allowed me to focus in a little bit more into an issue that I am passionate about- food justice. 

With Sally’s blessing, I made an effort to reach out to the Working Group on Food and Hunger here at the United Nations, and eventually began the application process. I encourage you all to look through their website, read through their objectives, check out their past events, etc. I think that, like me, you will recognize a clear alignment of values and mission between the work being done by the Working Group on Food and Hunger and the Loretto Community.

The Working Group on Food and Hunger recently produced a Policy Statement to the General Assembly (2016). Upon reading the Working Group’s Policy Statement to the General Assembly, various points stated stood out in clear harmony with the work that the Loretto Community holds as mission. The statement highlights topics surrounding migration, right to water, gender inclusion, climate change, divergence from fossil fuels, and significance of public health services in communities. Knowing that these topics hold resonance for the Working Group on Food and Hunger validated the pursuit of a collaboration with the Loretto Community.

In my application for membership, I outlined and illustrated a variety of points of convergence and harmony. Included in these points were:

  • Sisters of Loretto commitment to divest from fossil feuls
  • Sisters of Loretto anti-fracking advocacy
  • Loretto Women’s Network’s work
  • Loretto Earth Network’s work
  • Latin American and Caribbean Committee’s work
  • the Loretto Hunger Fund
  • …and more!


In developing the applicaiton, it provided me with an opportunity to take the time to fully revisist and invest myself in the work being done by Sisters of Loretto, Loretto Co-Members, and past and current Loretto Volunteers. Being able to revisit this all in such an intentional way reignited within me my passion and love for Loretto. My work with Loretto doesn’t even begin to touch the work that has been done by those who have come before me, but it’s pure honor knowing I share some company with them. I think it’s necessary for us to remind ourselves of why we do what we do. What legacy are we carrying? What legacy do we want to leave?

I hope that this new collaboration brings a smile to the faces of the Loretto Community who have worked tirelessly to advocate for migrant rights, farm worker rights, food justice and sovereignty, anti-fracking initiatives, and various other environmental and food based projects.

I will do my very best to represent the Loretto Community within the Working Group on Food and Hunger this year, and hope there continues to be representation on years to come.

Loretto Volunteer