Loretto at the UN Supports Cities for CEDAW (April 2019 Update)

By: Kristen Kimmel, MSW Candidate, Fordham University

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, I’ve been working on a community engaged research project with Cities for CEDAW. For more information, see www.citiesforcedaw.org. At the request of national organizers, I have gathered data from representatives in different cities that are working to implement CEDAW. I prepared both an excel chart and a written report, which were discussed and presented at the CEDAW meeting on March 14th during CSW 63. Representatives from cities such as San Francisco, New York City, Durham, Kansas City, and Pittsburgh were in attendance. During this time each representative gave an update on how their city is doing with implementation and what their future goals are. This was a time for women who are working for such an important cause to come together and discuss their work. It was such a great opportunity for me to be able to speak to so many people and put together summaries of all of their hard work. My knowledge of CEDAW has grown exponentially and I am now able to share my knowledge with others!