Loretto Volunteers at the UN

Loretto Volunteers work for a year with social justice organizations while living a simple, communal lifestyle with other local volunteers. We’re a small, spunky, and inclusive program. Folks from all backgrounds, ​races, sexual orientations, gender expressions, identities, abilities and faiths are encouraged to apply!

We are pleased to announce that former Loretto Volunteer Mallory Daily is now the program coordinator for the Loretto Volunteers! Mallory joins the team as a former Loretto Volunteer at Interfaith Voices. She enjoys creating radio docs, writing, learning Spanish, and spending time in bear country. She served as a Loretto Volunteer at Interfaith Voices in 2014-2015 and later participated in a second volunteer term in El Salvador, where she worked with a collective of female subsistence farmers. She is based in St. Louis, MO.

The Work of a Loretto Volunteer at the UN:

Loretto Volunteers who spend a year with Loretto’s UN office have had the opportunity to engage in various unique and engaging opportunities. Here are some examples of past responsibilities and tasks of our interns:

  • Represent Loretto and its values within the NGO community at the United nations, especially within the NGO committees on migration, social development, sustainable development and the Working Group on Girls.
  • Attend high-level UN dialogues and briefings with ambassadors and diplomats, and report on those events for Loretto’s larger network
  • Coordinate delegations of students from Loretto affiliated high schools to the UN to participate in the Commission on the Status of Women
  • Create short films and other media presentations to highlight the international issues Loretto works on
  • Attend and report on some of the UN’s international conferences including the 2011 Least Developed Countries conference in Istanbul, Turkey and the UN COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico.