Date:April 13, 2012

Bringing It Home: Youth Delegates Share the Impact of the CSW

This year, Loretto hosted a CSW side event which shared the voices of students who attend the Commission in prior years and have been inspired to return to their communities and find powerful ways to stand up for women and girls. The event featured a panel of “CSW Alumni”, a brainstorming session for this year’s participants, and a film which I had the privilege of creating in the months leading up to the Commission.

For this event we set the goal of including the stories of youth from all over the world and the creative actions they have taken-in order to inspire this year’s participants and to show the true power of CSW. However, early on we were confronted with the challenge that many youth did not have the capacity to return again to New York this winter to tell their stories. Still determined to share their testimonies, I decided to create a film that would display their accomplishments in lieu of their physical presence. After completing this project, I can proudly say that we were able to highlight stories from Mozambique, Australia, Pakistan, Finland, Cameroon, Peru, India, Kenya and all over the United States. The film also highlights the power and commitment of Loretto youth-for while it was not only made by a Loretto Volunteer and Nerinx graduate, it features the stories of St. Mary’s Academy, Nerinx Hall, Webster University, and KC Academy students, and the voices of fellow Loretto Volunteers, Nerinx alum, and friends of Loretto. Check out the film below, and be sure to share it with others!