Women and Climate Justice Tribunals — Spring 2012

In 2012, the Feminist Task Force (FTF) and the Loretto Community at the United Nations will host the first series of Women and Climate Justice Tribunals in the United States, highlighting how women living in persistent poverty areas and impoverished communities are being affected by climate-related issues.

1. Central Appalachia — May 10th, Charleston, WV

Through partnership with the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) and other grassroots organizations, the first Tribunal will feature the testimony of women throughout the Central Appalachian mountain region concerning the effects of mountaintop removal and other coal industry abuses on their lives, families, and communities.

2. Chicago Metropolitan Area — Date TBD

The year’s second Tribunal will highlight the other end of coal’s lifecycle through collaboration with Chicago’s Eco-Justice Collaborative and various community organizations, a community group based in the city’s Mexican-American neighborhood, Little Village. Testimonies will be presented by minority women impacted by the city’s Fisk and Crawford coal burning power plants, and other coal-related effects in the greater Chicago area.

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This project needs you.

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Every penny counts!

In order to create the space for these voice to be heard, there are obvious costs, including fees for venues, publications, and transportation. By financially contributing to the spring Tribunals, you will be ensuring that these women have a platform to offer their personal testimony on how they have been directly impacted by climate-related issues, and that this testimony will travel to the ears of lawmakers and governments at the local, national and international levels.

The money raised from this fund will go directly to some of the costs below:

  •  A scholarship fund for participants from affected communities to travel to the Tribunal who would not have the means to otherwise.
  • Costs for venue, food, and the arts and music sharing at the event.
  • Travel and lodging costs for primary witnesses, expert witnesses, jurists and organizers who will be participating in a Tribunal.
  • Videography and photography documentation
  • Costs for promotional materials including programs, flyers, etc.
  • Funding for delegate(s) from these affected communities and organizers to travel to the United Nation’s Rio + 20 Earth Summit in June of 2012 to share the stories of their communities with the global community and UN diplomats.


How to donate:

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    • You can contribute to this project through our paypal account by clicking the red button on the right sidebar..
    • You can also send your contribution by mail to: Loretto Community Development Office. 4000 S. Wadsworth, Littleton, CO 80123. Please make your checks out to “Sisters of Loretto” with a note on the check directing it to the “Women’s Tribunals”.


Cost Examples:

$25: Cover the food and participation costs for two Tribunal witnesses

$50: Sponsor a participant from rural Appalachia to attend the Central Appalachia Tribunal.

$100: Cover a night of lodging for the Tribunal organizers.

$500: Fund the travel expenses for a Tribunal jurist

$1200: Cover the airfare a delegate from these affected communities or an organizers to travel to the United Nation’s Rio + 20 Earth Summit in June of 2012 to share the stories of their communities with the global community and UN diplomats.[/tab_item]

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Hear it for yourself!

If you will be in the Chicago, IL in early June or Charleston, WV on May 10th and would like to attend a Tribunal, stay tuned for more information about how you can participate. More information will be posted on this account as well as the Loretto UN website.

If you will not be in either of these areas, but are still interested in tuning into the events, we are currently working on the technology to stream the tribunals live to viewers around the world, and also feature the recorded tribunal footage online for you to watch at your convenience. Check back here at the Loretto UN website for further details.[/tab_item]

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Pass it on!

After the Tribunals take place, written and video documentation will be created to carry the testimony even further. Be sure to follow the Climate Justice Tribunals Blog for video clips and reports, and share them with those you know!