Refuge Denied: Beth Blissman’s Thoughts On A CSW Panel

L to R: Sylvia Acosta, Alejandra Y. Castillo, Ana Marie Argilagos, & Juliet Choi
Photo courtesy of Beth Blissman, CoL

From Loretto at the UNAlthough the Loretto Community co-sponsored three parallel events at the 63rd Commission on the Status of Women, it was the panel hosted by YWCA USA, World YWCA, and Hispanics in Philanthropy that rocked my socks this past week. The panel was entitled “Refuge Denied: Women in Crisis at the U.S./Mexico Border.” It was wonderfully facilitated by YWCA Board Member Juliet Choi, and speakers included Sylvia Acosta (YWCA El Paso CEO), Alejandra Y. Castillo, (YWCA USA CEO & President), Ana Marie Argilagos, (CEO of Hispanics in Philanthropy) and Annaliese Gil, a junior at Loretto Academy and member of our Loretto delegation. Through the eyes of Women of different ages, they explored and articulated the many conditions prompting migrants & refugees to flee, various factors that have exacerbated the crisis, and parallels with refugee crises around the globe.  They also witnessed to the work going on at Loretto Academy and many other places in El Paso, TX. Here’s a link to the session – I recommend it highly: