The Downstream Neighbor

On Saturday January 28th, 2012 the Loretto Community in Colorado will be hosting an extraordinary weekend symposium that will bring together world renown activists, scholars & contemplatives like Maude Barlow and Elisabeth Peredo Beltrán. Together we will be guided to engage in meaningful dialogue about the Front Range connection to the South Platte watershed, and hold critical conversations about our water future. The symposium will be held in Denver over the course of two days, and will be happening alongside a film showing.

The South Platte River Watershed covers 28,068 square miles in Colorado, starting at the Rocky Mountains and coming down into Denver. The South Platte River is considered to be the main artery of the watershed which is fed by many creeks, lakes and minor tributaries from many surrounding areas of Colorado. Whether you live close to this River are far away your actions impact and are part of the watershed. One of the aims of this symposium will be to discuss ways in our individual communities to support our local watersheds and respect our downstream neighbors. By considering how a holistic, eco-centric focus can foster well-being and reciprocity with water, we help to ensure a shared future between humanity and mother earth.

The symposium is open anyone who is interested in attending. And registration for the event is available on the downstream neighbor website.