THX, Catherine, for your service as the 2018 Summer Intern!

This summer, Loretto at the UN was fortunate to host a part-time intern, Catherine Gabriel, who volunteered her time a few days a week to work on the website and contribute to social media. Here is a brief interview with Catherine, who will be entering her senior year at Fordham University this fall. She will continue to volunteer with us on a part-time basis with us through the academic year. (If any of you reading this blog post are ever interested in volunteering for Loretto at the UN, please feel free to contact us at )

B (Beth Blissman): Why did you wish to intern at Loretto at the UN for the summer?

C (Catherine Gabriel): I heard about the opportunity from my Dad, who knew that I wanted to learn more about the United Nations, so I decided to apply. Also, it was with the Loretto community, and I had gone to a Loretto high school in St. Louis.

B: What is the most exciting thing you’ve learned about the United Nations this summer?

C: I’ve learned that it is not just for diplomats – It’s a space for many different voices talking about the progress that they are making and what they have been doing to make the world a better place. For example, even though the Loretto community is small, we still have a voice at the UN. I have really enjoyed getting a DPI pass, meeting other youth through the temple of understanding, and attending the high level political forum. The UN is definitely not as exclusive as some might think it would be.

B: What is the most confusing thing about the United Nations?

C: All of the acronyms – Definitely!

B: Regarding the United Nations, what topic do you wish to learn more about?

C: Well, what you mentioned in June – that in the summer it’s the slow season at the UN – seemed to be true. I would like the opportunity to come back in the fall and see it in full swing – perhaps during the General Assembly.

B: What was the most gratifying thing you did this summer as part of your internship?

C: I think learning the ins and outs of WordPress – it is really good experience for the future, as many companies and non-profit organizations use WordPress and other similar programs to keep up their websites.

B: What was your favorite part of the website to fix?

C: Working with the colors and design of the layout, and also changing the small things, like grammatical corrections.

B: (That was said like a true English major 🙂 So what impresses you the most about Loretto?

C: The Loretto spirit of being active in one’s community and also being a team player while keeping our own identity. I noticed at the UN that many groups work together to get things done. Loretto is a specific – and great – brand that’s worth holding onto. I appreciate Loretto’s focus on girls empowerment, supporting women, immigration rights and more. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn about the UN and Loretto and meet a bunch of great people in the process.

B: How did what you learn this summer at LC at the UN relate to your major / minor(s) at Fordham University?

C: I was really grateful for this opportunity because I kind of got to use my major as well as both my minors (I spoke French to someone this summer during the HLPF!). But, as an English major, I spent time writing a couple of blog posts and being able to edit the website and its text where I saw fit, which was really cool. I was also able to use my Marketing minor while working with the website as well as our social media to better communicate the Loretto Community’s work here at the UN.

Thanks again, Catherine – we deeply appreciate your time and energy, not to mention your research skills and great grasp of grammar!
With Gratitude, Beth and the members of the Loretto at the UN Advisory Committee