United Nations Environment Assembly- Nairobi Kenya 2019

As often happens with the United Nations, there are many great things going on all at once. In addition to the Commission on the Status of Women, the week of 11 March 2019 is also the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya. This gathering will welcome over 40 accredited faith-based organizations, and you can follow events there in several ways:
1) Follow the hashtags #Faith4Earth, #UNEA4 and #SolveDifferent, especially on Twitter, which is the primary social media platform for the UN.
2) Follow the live stream for all of the primary sessions by clicking here 
3) Follow their Trello Board for updates and grassroots feedback/contributions here
If you plan on following the UNEA4 and would like to write a brief article for the next Loretto at the UN e-newsletter, please do email either Beth (bblissman@lorettocommunity.org) or Sam (smccarthy31@fordham.edu).
Thank you for all that you do for Earth!